1. We’re EXCITED about where #marketing’s moving!


    If you’re looking for where movie marketing is in 2014, this is it. Last night Beyonce posted to her Instagram a short 15 second teaser for Sam Taylor Wood’s anticipated 50 Shades of Grey, whose official trailer is due to drop this week. A balcony, thigh caress and a key in the lock, scored to a stripped down “Crazy in Love” — that’s all it is, but the simulated intimacy of the Instagram platform and Bey’s implied endorsement (as well as her high, but tastefully hidden, follower count) make this a better buy for Universal than any network TV buy.



  2. Looking for #PR or #Marketing representation?!  Here’s 3 things you should never do:

    1. Sign with someone who cannot provide you with receipts (meaning: proof of prior work).
    2. Sign with someone who does not “get” your brand. If there’s no vision, there can be no growth.
    3. Sign with anyone who’ll take your coins without showing you any signs of candy. If you go to the drugstore, you’re at least allowed to choose which product you’d prefer before paying.  

    Why would you ever ever ever ever pay for something without a detailed proposal of your ROI?  

    • Would you buy a car without seeing it?
    •  Pay for your dinner before even seeing your meal?  

    Why?!  A lack of transparency usually means there’s something to keep hidden.  And you don’t need secrets when it comes to building your brand.

    Now, most PR professionals will keep all of the amazing razzle and dazzle and secret potions for success to themselves until after the signing.  Still, most of us are familiar with having to bid for clients.  THis means, at minimum, we’re used to presenting every client with a situation analysis and potential plan for growth and brand building.  So … don’t ever feel forced to say yes.  

    Got it? Good.


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  4. itsarifitz:

    Did you guys catch what happened with #AutoAri last week? Full Recap HERE!

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  7. We did a complete overhaul on vivianeaires's new site!  How do you like it?


  8. itsarifitz took over the Real World MTV twitter account last Friday! 


  9. Oaklanders School ‘Real World’ Cast on Transgender Identity


  10. Oakland, CA - Ari Fitz interviews with Dot429.

    Ari Fitz is already being celebrated as the most compelling member of the latest Real World cast after just two episodes on air, and she promises there’s a lot more to come as the show unfolds. 

    Fitz, a Bay Area native who grew up in Vallejo and attended UC Berkeley as a Physics major before changing tracks and pursuing Information Technologies and entertainment, sold her first company at age 22, before becoming a model and horror movie filmmaker. 

    “Driven” would be putting it lightly. 

    READ MORE and check the rerelease of Fitz’, “The Anniversary.”


  11. If you’re gonna fret, fret over something you can change. Then stop fretting and do something about it.
    — Kimberly Willis Holt, My Louisiana Sky (via forever-and-alwayss)

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  12. Get ready! @khafra_co #winter #lookbook drops tomorrow.

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  13. T H E K I D S A R E J U S T F I N E.
    A preview. Film drops Jan.

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  14. Ari Fitz Joins MTV’s The Real World: Ex-Plosion


    Ari Fitz Joins MTV’s The Real World: Ex-Plosion

    Oakland, California – December 2, 2013 – Bay Area filmmaker and model, Ari Fitz, is one of not seven, but twelve, roommates on what may be the final season of MTV’s longest running reality series.  Set in San Francisco, this season is also the first time producers of the series have altered its format.

    “The show’s been produced by Bunim-Murray Prods. for 21 years now,”  said Ari Fitz.  “I went into the house thinking I knew what to expect but, as everyone will see in January, there’s no way that I could have been prepared for what happened while filming.”

     With less than 24 hours notice, Fitz moved out of her Oakland home and into The Real World house with 6 other people. During the season, the cast returned from a vacation to discover that producers had invited and moved the cast’s exes into the house without notice.

    Similar to past iterations of The Real World, this season will feature its share of roommate brawls, clubs, alcohol, and hot hookups.  Still, Fitz hopes audiences will recognize a never-before-seen authenticity in The Real World: Ex-Plosion.


    “We’d all heard rumors that this might be the last season.  It was iimportant to me to be as transparent, as authentically me, as possible - as though it was my last opportunity to do so,” said Ari Fitz.  “I made films.  I modeled.  I partied. I loved.  I was human.  Some people will get me and say, ‘Yes! I knew I wasn’t the only one!’  Others may hate me.  It’s reality television.  You prepare yourself for that.”

    Fitz premieres on the The Real World: Ex-Plosion on January 8, 2014.

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    Ardor Brand PR & Marketing provides a real-time, hands-on approach to growing your brand’s web presence, brand and product placement, and specialized public relations and marketing services. Ari Fitz is an Ardor Brand client.


  15. November 20, 2013 - Kim Kardashian + Kanye West out in NYC. 

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